What is a Compatibility Check?

Too many of us are in, or have spent too long in, unfulfilling relationships with incompatible partners.

Couple Compatibility Check provides a scientific assessment of a couple's compatibility – highlighting areas that might require work, and recommending strategies to work through them together.

Life is short and every single person deserves to be with someone that makes them happy and fulfilled.

Don’t waste time – check your compatibility today.

How it works


You complete the Couple Compatibility Check survey. This survey assesses your relationship across all major domains of compatibility.

Data crunching

We analyse your responses using our unique intellectual property in order to identify trends and draw conclusions from your survey responses.


We write and send your unique Couple Compatibility Report. This report calculates your overall compatibility score relative to other couples, highlights areas of particular issue, and makes recommendations for how these can be improved.


Our report is a starting point that gives you hard data on your relationship. The most important next thing is to discuss it with your partner to decide how you want to address what it tells you. You may also choose to use our report as a starting point for relationship counselling.


Here's a few good reasons to get your report today:

Highly accurate

Based on extensive research and aggregate information of other couples around the world


Most people complete the survey within 20 minutes

Helpful advice

Your report will contain plenty of helpful advice to help you work through any issues identified

Easy first step

This check is a great first step for couples considering relationship counselling or even separation.

Less expensive

We're cheaper than even one meeting with a relationship counsellor. And MUCH cheaper than a divorce!


Our report also serves as a great double-check for couples about to get engaged or get married.

Exemplary Feedback

Don't just take our word for it.
Here's some feedback from our testers:


I just wish I’d done it sooner. It pin-pointed exactly where we were having issues and by following the recommendations we’re now working through them.

I knew deep down that we weren’t right for each other. This report just confirmed it for me and gave me the push I needed to make myself happier.

We’re actually super compatible! But as we’re getting married next year, it seemed like a good idea to check anyway.

I think everyone in a relationship should do this. Incredibly useful information for all couples.

We’d been having troubles for a while. This report didn’t fix it all, but it was definitely a good starting point for us which also helped us open up to a marriage counsellor. We’re working through it!

I’m 36 and have been worried I’m running out of time to find the right person. I’ve done this with 2 potential partners now and it really helps me decide whether we’re right for each other, so I don’t waste time finding out the long and hard way.

Until now I had only found horoscope tests online. This one is much more detailed and, because it’s not based on the planets, I actually trust it!


There are two options, depending on whether your partner will also be completing the survey (or alternatively, if you will answer on their behalf):

You take the survey. Once you're done, your partner gets emailed a link to complete their survey.

Greatest accuracy

Both partners get their say

About 20 minutes per partner

You take the survey and answer on behalf of both yourself and your partner

Faster and private

A good option if you're keen to take the test but your partner is not.

About 30 minutes to complete

Prices are in US dollars. Other currencies are supported during payment at the current exchange rate.

What You Get

After completing the Couple Compatibility Check, we write and send you your very own Compatibility Report, including:

Couple Compatibility Report front page example

Your overall Compatibility Score

Comparison of your score against other couples

A snapshot of your relationship, including the good, less good, and opportunities for improving your relationship

Identification of any 'high risk' areas of incompatibility, including a detailed explanation of the issue, as well as recommendations for how you and your partner can start working together to improve.

Added extras - we include a bunch of extra information to help you better communicate, manage conflict and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We pride ourselves on being the most detailed, scientific compatibility test on the net. Your dollars go toward furthering our independent research, as well as covering the running costs of our platform.

At $19.95 this survey would buy you less than 20 minutes of time with a relationship counselor, and is infinitely less costly than a divorce or separation.

We believe that if you're serious about your relationship, our report cost is a very small investment in your long term happiness together!
Yes - there are. But unfortunately in life, nothing is free, and you get what you pay for.

Consider what you are giving to those other companies (your personal data) and what they might be doing with it to make money off you.

We never sell your personal data and keep no personally identifiable information once your report has been sent to you.
Yes - we only keep your data temporarily to produce your report and send it to you. We also follow industry good practice with regard to privacy and information security.

Please note - anonymised answers are contributed to the Couple Compatibility database at an aggregated level to improve the accuracy of our service, but this information can never be tied back to you.
Each couple that completes the survey will be sent a unique Relationship Compatibility Report via email.

This report provides an overall rating of your compatibility as a couple. It also includes a relationship scorecard that you can use to strengthen the good parts of your relationship and work on the weaker parts.

Finally, the report will contain a detailed explanation of any compatibility issues identified by your survey responses - including steps you can take together to improve each item.

As an added bonus, the report contains some basic tools and techniques you can use to improve the way you communicate as a couple and resolve conflict, as well as other handy hints and tips.
Our Compatibility Check is scientific, based on statistical probabilities.

What this means is that on average, a couple who answered the questions as you did, are more likely to be incompatible than not. There are always exceptions, and perhaps you could be one of them.

However, our report would have highlighted to you a number of areas where couples like you have relationship issues. We encourage you to talk those through by following our recommended steps, before deciding what to do next.

Because after all, there's a difference between being in love, and being happily in love. And here at CoupleCompatibilityCheck.com, we think everyone deserves a chance at the latter.
No, you will not get to see the raw answers to your or your partner's questions. This is because the raw answers can be easily misinterpreted, which will not help you in working on your relationship and might actually be counter-productive! This also means you can answer each question truthfully without having to worry about your partner taking it the wrong way.

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